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Remember: You are the Source! You are Infinite!


Always remember where you come from, always remember who you really are: THE SOURCE and INFINITE SPIRIT!

You are neither your body, nor your mind. Your life is an adventure on earth and you chose your body, your family, your gender and in fact everything. Nobody has the power to control you, unless you give permission. As you can watch yourself, you give permission to the media, the education system, social structures, opinions of other people and you catch yourself talking very bad to yourself, because you learned to step back and not wanted to think you are special or anything else worth. Which seemed so natural and accessible, when you were a child.

If you refuse to live who you really are, your unique intelligence, beauty, craziness, love and passion, you live your life hidden behind other people opinions and you will never experience your real worthiness.

It is time to wake up now and to look you in the eyes and make some really true decisions for your life! Your person! Your passion!
Whatever it costs you to become the one you feel you truly are, take the risks! You are worth it!
What can happen? Other people may laugh at you. Other people may hate you. Other people may talk real shit behind you. Other people may even lie about you, other people… It’s their life. Not yours! All that can happen is you fall – so what? Did it bothered you when you learned to walk?

Remember, you are unique. You are really special. You are so worth it and you are crazy and lovable.

We all may look more or less similar, but to hell with all the standard guidelines.

We don’t need to learn to control others or circumstances. We don’t need to study how to manipulate masses of people, to be successful. All we really need to learn is how to truly love!


Just remember how you feel, if you allow yourself to love!

To love yourself first!

To love your children unconditionally.

To love the beauty in other people and to accept the bewildering diversity of all people together.

You know you are better than your current camouflage! Take a breath and allow yourself to be the king or the queen of your regime!

It’s your time now.

11 year old artist!

11 year old artist!

I am very amazed by this young boy. With 11 years, he creates with calm and almost meditative routine, a world of biota (flora and fauna).

It is worth to have a look!

Creating and attraction

Whatever it is you meet outside of you and it affects you, it shows you a part of your inside. Does it affect you negatively, you need to make peace, to forgive, to be thankful and love it. Whatever it is! Whoever it is!

With pity, and denial you nurture the absence of what you really want.

With forgiveness and love, you create new worlds!
It may sound simple, because it really is that simple. But doing it and meaning it for real, isn’t always that simple.

It may appear kitschy or silly, but did you ever act that way?

Most people fail, because they underestimate the training of correcting their thoughts and feelings.

What you live inside of you, creates the reality outside of you.